Meet the residents: Snalka

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- When/where/how did you start DJing? And how long have been playing at Stealth?
During my teens I was into hip-hop and UK garage which then lead to the dubstep sound which I guess opened my ears up to 'underground dance music' or whatever you want to call it. I've been DJing for about 4 or 5 years now and at Stealth for about 3 years. I started by watching and listening to a lot of different DJs, good and bad, to pick up useful techniques and also to know what doesn't work so well.


- What was your favourite Stealth event you played at in 2013?
Hard to pick one as I have a lot of good memories but the dollop 9th birthday immediately comes to mind, I warmed up for Ben UFO, Four Tet and Joy Orbison in the old room 1, that was pretty dope.


- What was your personal musical highlight of 2013?
Seeing Daphni play Ye Ye at Dimensions Festival, I think it's my favourite all time track to play or hear on Stealth's Funktion-One system.


- Whose tracks will you be playing out in 2014?
Everything Innervisions and Pampa Records release seems to be dance floor gold. I'm also loving Fort Romeau's output lately which i'm sure will continue on this year and maybe even some of my own productions?!


- Which acts do you hope will feature on the Stealth line up’s in 2014?
Todd Terje would be ace, and Danny Dyer DJ set?! (just saying).


- Who do you see as some of the future stars of 2014?
A duo called Terron have an upcoming release on a sub-label of Young Turks called Whities. The techno they're producing is pretty clever and they're good mates so it'll be cool to see their rise over the next 12 months. Also shouts to Mak & Pasteman too, they had a HUGE 2013 but from what i've heard in their studio they're set to have an even bigger year!


- What can we expect from your residency sets?
Melodic driven house and techno with a touch of a vocal to get your sleaze on and a sprinkle of soul to warm those limbs up just nicely...if i'm closing the night out, Wham!'s back catalogue(!?).


- How does playing in the newly refurbished Stealth room 1 compare to the old one?
The slight repositioning of the DJ booth makes for a great view of the whole dance floor and the booth itself feels much more spacious.


- If you had to be stuck in a lift with one DJ you’ve played alongside in 2013 who would it be?
Ben UFO, he'd have good chat and plus he's a clever guy so he'd have a good idea of how to get us out!


Top tracks of 2013
1. Konsantin Sibold - Madeline
2. Agoria - Scala
3. Fort Romeau - Jetée
4. Doc Daneeka - Walk On In
5. Adesse - Baayi