Interview with Tomb Crew!


Stealth’s very own Tomb Crew return to the Nottingham scene on the 31st of August, and it’s set to be an unmissable night. With a booth prowess to rival Cirque du Soleil (it’s quite fun), and a selection of tracks to make you reminisce of the better days of reggae dance halls (think Snoop Dogg’s ‘Beautiful’ video, only put the music on acid). The boys have made a name for themselves by disbanding the pretence behind dance music, and it shows.
They got Hz On They Tz and I got interrogative on they scene and loves.


What initially got you into DJing and producing the music you do?

I got into DJing through playing at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham with a friend of mine. It started off as fun and grew into something that has taken over somewhat. Producing music was a natural progression from Djing. I started off making Bmore bootlegs and it grew from there. I always wanted to make music to reflect our DJ sets, which were, and always will be really eclectic.


So, would you guys would identify into a genre of trap so to speak? How do you feel it's going as a movement in the UK? Do you think there's a crowd for it? Is there a scene in London?

Funny enough, I'd say I don't really identify with Trap at all - I've always been really eclectic with Tomb Crew's approach to music and DJing, but Trap is something I've never really fallen for. I've made a couple of Trap-esque tunes and never really got a good feel for it. Coming from the UK, there's something about EDM or whatever you want to call it, (possibly a more American sound), that doesn't quite sit with me. I think there is a scene for it in the UK though, and there seems to plenty of 'Trap kids' about in London!

You seem a lot about having fun and disbanding the stigma of elitist electronic music - would you say this is a massive part of the job for you?

This is everything for us. It's why we started Tomb Crew. Music seemed to be far less serious in clubland when we started and we really thrived off that. There were 4 Dj's originally in Tomb Crew and we all came from different music backgrounds, so we all brought different things to the table. Hip Hop, Grime, Dubstep, House and Garage and more was all thrown in the bag. It's all about having fun, playing what you love, forgetting about genres and having a good dance.


In the past you've been described as "DJs with a live act feel" - what attributes to this and what can the Stealth audience expect?

I think it's because we've always had an MC with us that and in the beginning there was about 4 DJ's and sometimes more than one MC. It was always a bit more of a spectacle than a DJ set. We've never been about looking like you're checking your emails whilst you DJ.


London Hackney house party or scummy warehouse rave in the middle of nowhere?

Warehouse rave fo' sho! Never been to a warehouse rave that I didn't like.


Dirrrrty dutty whine or rythmic twerk?

Dutty whine all day long!


What's next for Tomb Crew?

We have a new single forthcoming on Four40 Records at the end of the summer called 'The Sermon' which features Rubi Dan from the Heatwave and Serocee from the Toddla T Sound. It's a bit of a carnival affair that one!


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