STENCHMAN - Friday 30th April

This Friday we are looking forward to welcoming back everyone's favourite mask-wearing Dubstep producer - the one and only Stenchman!
In advance of his show at Girls Go Free we grabbed a couple of quick questions with the mysterious man:
What have you been up to since your last show at Stealth ?
Trying my hand at knitting, and placed 3rd in the UK national lawn bowling championships for my local team. I have also been doing some volunteer work down at my local parish of a Sunday.
This Friday you play at ‘Girls Go Free’ - what is the best thing you have ever got free?
Well i just managed to free a small gnome from my rectum which was quite a relief, so I'd have to say that.
If you were on a desert island and you can only take 3 items what would you take and why?
A helicopter so i could get off it when i wanted,
Plenty of 'supplies' and
The entire discography of Seal
If you weren’t a producer/dj what would you do with your life?
Probably amount to nothing just like my teachers told me. Oh how I'd love to see them now and gloat that i earn more than them.
What is your favourite flavour of crisps?
Caramelised turnip and shoelace
If you could have any super-power what would you have?
Invisible flying powers. So i could rape seagulls in mid air.
If you were on Mastermind what would be your specialist subject?
The mating habits of fat bitches.
What did you want to be when you were 12 years old?
Either a dj or a food / video game tester. Glad i stuck with the former.
If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
Megan Fox - because i spend most of my time naked playing with myself.
'Girls Go Free' kicks off this Friday at 10pm. GIRLS - write your names on the Facebook Event Wall for free entry (before Midnight) & GUYS - write your names on the Facebook Event Wall for £3 entry (before Midnight)!!!
More info : Girls Go Free Facebook Event.
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Check out the video of Stenchman smashing Stealth apart last time around: